Understanding Content Options and Icons in Wiz Write

When you view a session in Wiz Write, you'll notice several icons below each created content piece. Each icon has a specific function and they may not appear on all content types. This is intentional as different content types have unique functionalities.

Icon Functions

  1. Audio File Icons: The audio file from the session can be downloaded or played. If you wish to delete the audio file after creating a transcript, you can do so. However, there is no delete icon for the transcript as it is crucial for running future AI actions. Deleting a transcript can be done by clicking the folder icon at the top of the screen, and then selecting the delete icon on the session. This action removes everything within that session.
  2. Pencil Icon: This icon allows you to edit the content of transcriptions and AI outputs.
  3. Heart Icon: The heart icon lets you mark a piece of content as a favorite. Clicking the icon changes it to red. Clicking again reverts it to black.
  4. Copy to Clipboard Icon: This icon copies the content from the box to your clipboard.
  5. Redo Button: This icon reruns the same AI action on the transcript. It only appears on AI action items and not on the transcription.
  6. API Copied to Clipboard Icon: This icon copies the item ID to your clipboard. Useful for Zapier integration or interacting with Wiz Write through an API.
  7. Webhook Icon: This icon sends the content to a webhook that you've set up, allowing you to use the content with other tools and systems. (Note: We will cover the webhook pop-up in a later section of this knowledge base.)

By understanding these icons, you can fully utilize the functionalities of Wiz Write, and create more effective content.