Creating Folders in Wiz Write

Wiz Write offers a feature that allows you to create folders for your transcriptions, aiding in organization across various tasks and topics. For instance, while creating this knowledge base using Wiz Write, a dedicated folder is created where all transcriptions and AI actions based on those transcriptions are stored. This promotes a clutter-free workspace and enables easy retrieval of information.

How to Create Folders in Wiz Write

From the app home page, locate the record icon below the auto AI actions. Here, you should see a button that allows you to select a folder. If no folders have been set up yet, you can create one directly from this location.

Creating a Folder from the Folders Page

Alternatively, you can create a folder from the folders page. Simply click the folder icon at the top of the screen, then click the plus folder icon. You'll then have the opportunity to name your folder and add an emoji for a touch of personalization. This is purely for design purposes, so feel free to choose any emoji you prefer. After providing this information, your new folder will be created.

Viewing Your Folders

To view your folders at any time, simply click the folder icon at the top of the screen. Each transcription will display which folder it's stored in. Additionally, the folder titles at the top of the folder screen indicate how many items each folder contains.

Benefits of Using Folders

Using folders helps to keep you organized, especially when using Wiz Write in a team or large organization. It is beneficial for categorizing your transcripts and maintaining structure in the content you create. We at Wiz Write find great value in using folders for internal organization, and we hope you will too.