Language Settings in Wiz Write

Wiz Write is an innovative platform that allows you to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) using your natural voice. Recognizing the diversity of our global user base, Wiz Write has integrated a feature for setting your preferred language.

Transcription Accuracy

Our advanced AI technology transcribes your voice accurately based on the selected language. This feature is especially useful for non-native English speakers who prefer to communicate in their native language.

Translation Tool

In addition to transcription, Wiz Write includes a translation tool. This tool can convert the transcribed text into English, making Wiz Write an essential tool for users who create content in English but prefer to speak in their native language. Ensure the Toggle is "On" for English outputs to automatically make these translations happen.

Enhanced Clarity and Reduced Errors

By employing this approach, we believe we can enhance clarity and reduce the risk of typographical spelling and grammar errors in your content creation process.

Multi-language Input

With over 50 languages supported, you can talk in your native tongue and choose whether to have your transcripts translated to English or keep them in your native tongue for further AI Actions.

Product Use

All of our default AI Actions are set up in English so for best results when using other languages, setting up native Custom AI Actions in the same language will provide you superior results.