Managing Team Members in Wiz Write

Managing team members in your Wiz Write team account is a straightforward process. To get started:

  1. Click the burger menu located in the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  2. Select the "Manage Team" option.

In this section, you can invite new users as previously explained, and view a list of your existing team members.

Deleting a Team Member

Next to each team member's email address, you'll find a delete icon. Clicking this icon will remove the selected user from your team. But what happens when you delete an account from your team?

  • The deleted user will no longer have access to any AI actions shared with them.
  • Their team plan will be revoked. If they attempt to log in afterward, they'll encounter a paywall and won't be able to access their account.
  • To regain access, they would need to be reinvited to a team or sign up for a different plan.

When you delete a team member, their spot will be opened up, allowing you to invite another user to your team. This feature ensures that managing your team account is easy and flexible, facilitating growth within your organization.