Integrating Wiz Write AI Actions with Zapier

This article will guide you on how to integrate Wiz Write's AI Action with Zapier for a powerful workflow. This setup will enable you to automate your content creation process, eliminating the need to use the Wiz Write dashboard manually.


  • Zapier integration with Wiz Write as an action
  • Transcription ID
  • AI action ID

Once these are set up, you can proceed to the steps below.

Steps to Integrate

  1. Set up Wiz Write as an action in your Zapier integration. Note that this will not be the first step of your Zap. You will need to provide the required transcription ID and AI action ID.
  2. Configure the integration to schedule content creation either on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your needs.
  3. Specify the format or style of the content. For instance, you can create a transcript, run an AI action on it to format it in a particular style, and then add it to Notion or any other tool for note-keeping purposes.

The Wiz Write AI Action is designed to be flexible to cater to a variety of needs. We are excited to see how our user community leverages the power of AI actions through Zapier to create compelling and valuable content.