Sharing AI Actions Across Your Team

Sharing AI actions with your team can streamline your workflow and ensure consistent results. With Wiz Write, you can easily share these actions with specified members of your team, ensuring that each department has access to the tools they need.

How to Share AI Actions

  1. Click the 'Auto AI Actions' button on the recording page, or navigate to any transcript and click the 'AI Actions' button at the top of the page.
  2. You will see a list of all your custom AI actions at the top, with default ones at the bottom. Look for an icon of a person with a plus sign.
  3. Click this icon to view your entire team. You can then toggle the AI action to the team members you wish to share it with, enabling them to use this AI action within their account.

Granular control within Wiz Write allows you to share AI actions with specific team members, which is especially useful if you have different departments using the platform. For example, a Customer support or outbound sales AI action might not be relevant to all team members.

Accessing Shared AI Actions

Once an AI action is shared, the designated user will see it in their AI actions menu. They will have the ability to use the AI action within their workflows, but they cannot edit or see the contents of that specific AI action.

If you choose to stop sharing an AI action with a user, you can simply toggle it off and it will disappear from their menu.

Note: Sharing an AI action allows the user to use that action, but they cannot edit it or view its specific contents. They can, however, run it and use it within their workflows.