Understanding AI Actions in Wiz Write

AI actions in Wiz Write are available right from the initial dashboard and within any transcription session you enter. These actions allow you to further manipulate and customize the content generated from your voice transcriptions.

How to Queue AI Actions

  1. On the main dashboard, click the 'Auto AI actions' button. This allows you to select which AI actions to run once your transcription is created.
  2. You can also build your custom AI actions using this pop-up.

Creating Custom AI Actions

Wiz Write allows you to create custom AI actions, providing even more flexibility and control over your content.

  1. At the bottom of the pop-up, you'll find the AI actions that Wiz Write has as default. These are created and curated by our team for all users.
  2. To create a custom AI action, click the button labeled 'Add Custom AI Action'.
  3. Provide a name and instructions for your custom action.
  4. Click 'Save' to finalize your new action. You can now add it to run like any other AI action.

Running Multiple AI Actions

Wiz Write allows you to run multiple AI actions on a transcription simultaneously. After finishing a recording or creating a transcript, you can queue up several actions to run. These will automatically run sequentially, providing you with plenty of content based on your chosen AI actions.


You can set up AI actions to run automatically if desired or go into a specific transcript later to run AI actions again. There are multiple ways to create the content you want, including revisiting previous transcripts and running AI actions on them at any time. This flexibility makes Wiz Write a powerful tool for content creation.