Transcriptions in Wiz Write

Transcriptions are a fundamental component of Wiz Write. They can be created and utilized in two ways:

Voiced Transcriptions

With voiced transcriptions, you simply speak naturally and Wiz Write will convert your speech into written content using our advanced AI technology.

Typed Transcriptions

If you prefer, you can also type out your content. However, for a seamless experience, we highly recommend using your voice over your keyboard.

Note: Transcriptions are the foundation of everything within Wiz Write.

Running AI Actions on Transcriptions

After creating your transcription, you have the ability to:

Run AI Actions

Execute various AI actions on your transcription. This allows you to transform the same transcription into multiple pieces of content.

Queue AI Actions

Set up AI actions to run automatically once a transcription has been created.

The ability to create and manipulate content is where the power of Wiz Write truly shines, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and organizations to generate diverse and engaging content.