The burger menu is located at the top right of the Wiz Write interface, providing a range of options for account and content management.

Profile Button

Click on the Profile button for account details and settings, including billing management.

Language Setting

The default input language for your Wiz Write interactions is English. To change it, select your preferred language from the Language setting.

My Recordings

Under 'My Recordings', you can view, listen to, download, or delete your audio recordings.

My Transcriptions

The 'My Transcriptions' section provides an overview of all your transcriptions.

Team Management

If your plan allows, you can add team members to your account in the 'Team Management' section. This allows them to benefit from using Wiz Write and share AI actions across the team.


'Webhooks' enables you to add and manage different webhooks for integrations and send your content to other tools and services. Further information on webhooks will be provided in a later section of the knowledge base.

Product Walkthrough

The 'Product Walkthrough' provides a brief overview of the Wiz Write platform and its dashboard. Click on this option if you need a refresher on how to use the tool.


For a direct link to the Wiz Write documentation, click on the 'Documentation' option. Here you will find comprehensive information on product usage and advanced settings.

Contact Us

Select 'Contact Us' to write directly to the Wiz Write team. We welcome all feedback, whether you're reporting bugs, raising issues, or simply want to say hi.

Log Out Button

Click on the 'Log Out' button to log out of your account. You will be redirected to the login page.